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Here Are Six Ways To Help Your Productivity This Week

1. Make a reasonable to-do list 📝

Don’t overwhelm yourself. To-do lists often fail because we make them too complex. Be aware that some tasks will take a long time and others no time at all. Don’t only do the easy stuff!

2. Set small goals for your tasks

In other words, break. it. down. With every project or assignment, the scope may seem too large but once you break it down you’ll see what can be accomplished and how each part builds upon each other.

3. Focus on one goal at a time

Try the 90-90-1 rule. Here’s how it works: Commit the first 90 minutes of your day for 90 days to the most important task. This helps to focus your priorities before the day even gets going. 

4. Figure out your 2 peak hours

Some of us are morning people, some are night owls. Find your most focused 2 hours for that strategic harder work and then use the rest to schedule meetings and complete less urgent tasks. 

5. Find time to walk or exercise 

It’s so important to take a walk at least once a day – whether it’s around the parking lot, in the street or in the park (if you’re lucky) – trust us, it’s a way more refreshing break than anything on social media. 

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